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With our responsive team, experience, customer service and industry associations you can be assured your matter will be dealt with professionally and quickly.

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Injury and Mediation Interventions has established a sound reputation with their customers as staff continues to demonstrate their professionalism and integrity in the provisioning of workplace rehabilitation interventions.

We are a competitive service provider in our region, enjoying establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with small and medium sized employers, insurance companies, medical and allied health professionals and community groups.

Our qualified responsive workplace rehabilitation consultants has established and maintained a sound reputation for working constructively and successfully with employers and their employees, insurance companies, medical professionals and treating specialists to achieve successful and durable workplace rehabilitation outcomes.

Management Structure

The principal partners have responsibility for governance, financial, budgetary controls and the strategic direction of the business. One nominated partner has responsibility for ensuring compliance with the service delivery model, the day-to-day management of administrative and professional staff, contractors and consultants, meeting reporting and auditing requirements of the business and continuous improvement to service delivery.

Overview of Staffing

Injury and Mediation Interventions staff is the greatest asset to the organisation, they are highly skilled and experienced in working with ill and injured workers facing multiple barriers to employment. There is considerable versatility and expertise within the team.

Our qualified and experienced Occupational Therapists are registered with Occupational Therapist Board of Australia and members of Occupational Therapists Association of NSW with extensive occupational rehabilitation experience. Our staff has over twelve years of experience specialising in this sector.

Rehabilitation Consultants whom all have appropriate qualifications as a psychologist or rehabilitation counsellor and are registered with relevant peak bodies, they all have over fifteen years experience in the industry. Staffs maintain their memberships Australian Career Counsellors Association, Australian Rehabilitation Provider Association and membership with Australian Psychological Society

Our Industry Qualifications