Accredited Mediation Services

Accredited Mediation Services

Our experience in managing psychological and physical injuries for many years had led to this natural progression for providing a Mediation Service for consideration as a cost-effective option to resolve Workplace conflict.

Based on our experience it is our belief that we can assist in avoiding increased claim costs through early and effective conflict management; a happy and cohesive work environment is the key for workers and the business.

Mediation allows for the exploration and clarification of issues, facilitation of open discussion between conflicting parties, development of options, considering alternatives whilst endeavouring to reach a beneficial agreement that all parties can live with.

Our accredited mediator remains an impartial third party whose role is to facilitate discussion and ensure that the dignity and reputation of all parties involved is maintained, whilst they are reaching a workable agreement that is consistent with the applicable workplace policies and legislation.

Ergonomics Training

Ergonomic training is all about providing the skills to your employees so that they can make necessary changes to their posture or work area themselves. Iandmi provides high quality ergonomic training to individuals or groups that helps you prevent musculoskeletal injuries.

Our ergonomic training is conducted by a highly experienced Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist – you get the expert knowledge.

Ergonomic Training – Must-know training (Package A)

This package suits a business where you may want your employees to know the basics about ergonomics, general information about the good posture, equipment set-up and preventative measures to reduce your workers compensation risk. We address some specific issues that you may have your workplace through a question and answer session that is included our training.

The session runs for 30 -45 minutes on your premises to make it easy for you and your employees and each participant gets the training workbook and certificate of completion. This training suits all industry types and can be used as refresher training. This will help you with managing your workers compensation risks and ensure you achieve compliance under the WHS Act 2011, Work Health and Safety law.

Ergonomic Training – Tailored for a perfect fit (Package B)

This package is customised to fit your workplace in every detail. It suits a business where you want the benefit of a group training and individualised assistance. We perform the training session and follow it up with a walk through and assist each individual worker with applying the training knowledge to their workstation. Each employee receives the training workbook and a certificate of completion.

After the 30 minute ergonomic training session the walk through will be dependent on how many individual workers you want us to assist. This option is ideal for a business where you may have already experienced injuries or illness as a result of workers in poor postures or where the type of work you do involves prolonged and static computer work. This package will help you with managing your workers compensation risks and ensure you achieve compliance under the WHS Act 2011, Work Health and Safety law.

This option also provides you with a report of the findings for each individual’s workstation assessment and any equipment that may be required to assist your employees in achieving good posture.

Our consulting team is the most experienced in the industry. We offer extensive expertise from professionally qualified staff including:

Occupational Therapists;
Rehabilitation Counsellors;
Job Placement Consultant.

All staff have provided timely and effective services within the manufacturing, processing, educational, transport and distribution, aged care, building and construction sectors to mention a few.

Our dedication is evident by our consultants maintaining above the external benchmark for workers returning to work with the same employer for previous years.