Mobile Return to Work Services

Mobile Return to Work Services

We are of the opinion that our modern economic environment requires our staff to provide improved convenience and efficiency that will assist in improving results without increasing costs associated with injured or ill workers returning to work.

Our Mobile Return to Work Service strategy facilitates on the road allied health professionals and rehabilitation consultants whom provide specialised mobile support and assessments including Vocational, Initial Needs, Functional Capacity and Activities of Daily Living Assessments.

Our staff go to the injured or ill worker to provide the service reducing time delays if compared to the traditional approach of making appointments for clients in an office that may not be close to their place of residence and or workplace.

Staff members also have access to a broad network of temporary office locations within the identified metropolitan and rural regions within NSW

Staff have found that our mobile return to work services assist our injured and ill workers in a more efficient way, feedback from our clients indicate that they prefer this individualised less stressful option.