Specialised Workplace Rehabilitation Services

Specialised Workplace Rehabilitation Services

Functional Capacity Evaluation (WorkHab)

A Functional Capacity Evaluation is an objective measure of the functional abilities of an individual in both the home and work environment. It assesses the injured or ill workers range of physical skills and capabilities and identifies limitations and potential barriers to returning the injured or ill worker to the workplace. Iandmi uses the WorkHab system of assessment which provides an objective understanding of an individual’s work capacities.

The Nominated Treating Doctor consent is required before the Assessment is undertaken to ensure a holistic Assessment of the individual’s status.

What is included?

  • Key recommendations will assist the injured worker to improve their functional ability and work related capacity
  • Determining if a worker’s physical capabilities match the demands of a specific job or list of duties.
  • Current objective information to help guide employment decisions.
  • Current objective information to generate accurate information regarding the effect of injury or disability on an individual’s functional abilities.
  • Provision of objective measures of functional abilities to assist treating practitioners

Medical Case Conferencing

A Medical Case Conference involves the attendance by our experienced senior consultant at a medical review with the injured or ill worker to facilitate discussion with the treating practitioner, be that with the treating doctor or other health professional.

A Medical Case Conference occurs regularly throughout the course of a workplace rehabilitation program and is instrumental in delivering a cohesive return to work program.

What is included?

  • Established and maintained collaborative approach with the worker and their treating doctor or other health professional
  • Discussion about the vocational goals and agreement on how to achieve them. This helps ensure that all parties are working towards that goal, and there is clear alignment between the treatment and employment goals.
  • Reviews on treatment efficacy and outcomes, and provide support to implement Nominated Treating Doctor recommendations related to Treatment and medical investigations.
  • Provision of relevant information and discuss proposals for Suitable Duties and Return to Work programs with treating doctor.

Activities of Daily Living Assessment (ADL)

Our Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Assessment analyses functional performance in areas of self-care and general activities in and around the home. These assessments are often carried out for injured or ill individuals who are experiencing difficulties in these areas, following their injury or illness and or surgical interventions.

Our ADL reports provide detailed information on an individual’s functional capacity and any restrictions they may experience in carrying out everyday tasks. By using observation, interview, standardised assessments and involving stakeholders we are able to offer a complete and accurate assessment.

Our detailed report includes recommendations to identify and develop strategies to increase independence.

Our ADL assessments and reports address the following areas:

  • Personal/self-care skills
  • Domestic activity, including housework, grounds care and home maintenance
  • Physical function, including hand function, seating and positioning
  • Mobility and transfers, including falls risk and prevention
  • Community mobility, including driving and public transport
  • Psycho-social skills, including social interaction and communication skills
  • Leisure and non-vocational participation

Recommendations may include:

  • Assistance with participation in ADLs
  • Strategies for task modification
  • Training to overcome physical and/or cognitive barriers
  • Selected aids and equipment
  • Environmental modifications
  • Coordination of rehabilitation
  • Referral to support services

Vocational Assessment / Transferable Skills Assessment

Vocational and Transferable Skills Assessments are services aimed at assisting injured or ill workers who no longer have the functional capacities to perform their pre-injury duties with their pre-injury employer.

These assessments identify suitable employment options (Vocational Goals) to facilitate injured or ill workers being in and or remaining active in sustainable employment with their pre-injury employer or an alternate employer.

The assessments take into consideration factors such as an injured or ill workers previous work history, skills, interests, education, aptitudes, as well as the local labour market. In addition to these factors consideration is given to matching these factors with the injured or ill workers physical and/or psychological level of functioning to ensure the suitability of the vocational goals identified.

These assessments can include various Occupational Interest Inventories and Aptitude Ability tests and are tailored to suit the individual circumstances of each client.

The report is an important tool for guiding the remainder of the injured or ill workers internal or external redeployment program and can ensure that time and resources are spent efficiently focussing on Vocational Goals in which the worker is motivated to work and where they are likely to be successful in gaining new employment

Benefits of referring to iandmi include;

  • Access to highly qualified Psychologists and Rehabilitation Counsellors who have multiple years to experience in performing Vocational and Transferable Skills Assessments.
  • Access to highly qualified Psychologists and Rehabilitation Counsellors who have multiple years to experience in performing Vocational and Transferable Skills Assessments.
  • Assessment and report generation is undertaken in a timely manner
  • Provisioning of a minimum of three suitable employment goals
  • Provisioning of a minimum of three employers contacted for each suitable employment goal

Labour Market Analysis

An effective Labour Market Analysis combines statistical information from reliable sources with accurate knowledge of the local labour market. Iandmi accesses validated information from various recognised web sites to assist individuals, employers and insurers to make informed decisions in regards to participating in the employment market.

Staff also conducts local labour market assessing via canvassing local employers and recruitment companies to determine accurate numbers/trends for vacancy rates. This information is detailed in reports, along with broader state and national data.

Benefits of referring to iandmi include;

  • Current national and local labour market data from validated sites and employers.